Arma 3 1.74 Cracked Download

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Arma 3 (1.74) Full Installer (Cracked)
Everything you need to play on our server.
Just install and play!

Optimization Guide

Before you attempt to follow this guide create backups of all files that you edit.
First off everyone reading this should make sure windows mouse acceleration is DISABLED!

In game settings

1. Make sure your Textures are no lower than normal. 2. Make sure your Object Detail is on low (Even on High End Rigs).

Edit Arma Config

1. Navigate your users documents folder and locate your Arma 3 folder. "c:/users/admin/documents/Arma 3/"
2. Open Arma3.cfg with Notepad and find the following lines. Update them accordingly as follows.


3. After your done save the file. Right click Arma3.cfg and click properties. Click the read only check box, then click apply.

Edit Your Dank DayZ Launcher Config

1. Navigate your Arma 3 1.62 Directory and open "dankconfig.cmd" with notepade.
2. At the top of the file you can add custom launch settings.
3. Read this and sett your settings appropriately for the following.


4. When you are done your first line should look something like this.
set Parameters=-cpuCount=4 -exThreads=7