Arma 3 1.66 Cracked Download

Arma 3 (1.66) Full Installer (Cracked)
Everything you need to play on our server.
Just install and play!

Arma 3 Install Guide

1. Install Arma 3 1.66 Full Installer (You can find it on the Files page).

2. Use the "Arma 3 Launcher" shortcut on your desktop to connect.

Crash Fix

If your game freezes when you load into the server. Try the following to resolve the issue.

1. Run the Permissions_Fix.bat in your Arma 3 directory(as Administrator).

2. Disable windows error reporting.

If you continue to have a problem you can unlock full admin on your computer and reinstall.

1. Unlock Full Admin.

2. Reinstall the game with your full admin account.